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Katrina Armstrong

VISIONARY LEADER ~ DIVINE ACTIVATOR ~ NEW EARTH ARCHITECT Katrina Armstrong has journeyed into the deepest layers of the illusionary dream to experience the densest vibrations, recalibrating the curriculum laying in new archetypes. She was placed in encapsulated sleep or veiling to reach the lowest vibrations of the curriculum, being then activated at the appropriate time in the cycle to do work as part of the collective of the Elohim Melchizedek Council Of Design.. that time is now. Katrina holds higher vibratory frequencies and heightened awareness, to view and recalibrate the truth and illusion which are threads of this paradigm. Her main mission is the reseeding, reawakening, and recalibrating of Light Beings and Curriculum during cycles of completion. Katrina retrieves, embodies and anchors the necessary templates, designs, and energies for humanity. She is carrying sacred keys to unlock the necessary codes for the evolutionary process; sacred tones and light language that resonates with the soul. These sacred tones and various language helps to integrate DNA templates, new overlays, and soul retrievals. As a guardian of sacred libraries she can retrieve unique forms and sequences that will connect you with your remembrance of wisdom and the codes that you carry. She is fully dedicated to her mission and will be holding nothing back, as this is a crucial time to prepare humanity for this massive influx of paradigm shifting energy. It is of great importance that we are fully integrated, grounded, and operating with the best templates for our soul mission. As an activator of divine truth and limitless possibilities, she assists you with finding the magic in ‘everyday’ life. Through a heart of deep compassion she provides an accepting, nurturing space with unparalleled access to the higher realms. Her passion is to teach and activate the visionaries, intuitive, healers, and/or conscious entrepreneurs that are committed to their soul’s truth and ready to show up in a powerful way.
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