Karmic Liberation: Release the Hold of the Old Paradigm

A deep experiential group process that liberates your inner light and aligns your pathways to your higher expressions of joy, abundance, and peace.

  • About Karmic Seals

    Karmic Seals are multi-faceted structures that have consciousness and are found in the body. They transmit information into the mind and body through a electro network that holds in place what is needed for individuals growth. They regulate the information and energy that can come into an individual and how much they can receive from the universe. They are released or neutralized when a cycle is complete and the universe can recognize itself in the individual. However we have reached a place in our evolutionary process where these seals are no longer needed but our free will allows us to keep them in place if we choose. Are you ready to release the hold and rise in the light of your own soul? Are you ready to fully embrace the streams of pure connection, pure abundance, and pure freedom?

  • What Your Experiencing

    Do you find your hitting a wall when it comes to making changes that you know will bring greater clarity, sanity, and that will even open up space for greater levels of prosperity? Maybe you have tried multiple healing techniques or psychics to help you make this necessary change in your life with little success or even worse nothing occurs. Why does this happen? We all come into the world with specific areas that we have agreed to overcome. Many people refer to these lessons or agendas as our Karma. This karma is held in these multifaceted seals that are actually designed to hold the lesson in place and to regulate your access to the information that can dissolve what is blocking you from moving forward. What may be occurring: Repeat Patterns of Dysfunctional Relationships You Energy Feels That it is Being Drained Feelings That You Are Lacking Something in Your Life You Always Have to Depend On Someone Else You Can Not Seem To Get Ahead The Physical Body Experiencing Ongoing Health Issues (Especially Jaw, Teeth, Migraines) Overly Concerned About What Other People Think of You Feeling That You Don't Have Enough Having A Nagging Feeling About You Not Doing Your Purpose Work

  • Truth of Your Potential

    You know that you are ready to fully surrender to your divine truth, but despite numerous attempts you give in to the pressure of the seemingly real obstacles in your life. You are not created to spin in circles and get lost in the undesirable experiences in life. You are created to be a self-evolving being of pure potential. Fully capable of transforming, transmuting, and ultimately transcending anything that is not serving in that very moment. (Yes, YOU!)

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Karmic Liberation Welcome Section and Terms of Service
    • Karmic Liberation Terms of Service
    • Welcome to Karmic Liberation
  • 2
    Setting Intentions and Dismantling Identities
    • Dismantling Identites and Setting Up Your Structure
    • Setting Intentions Meditation
    • Not To Late to Send Intentions and Resistance That May Be Coming Forward
  • 3
    Karmic Seal Release Process
    • Karmic Seal Release Protocol (Preparation)
    • Karmic Seal Release Process and GIfts From the Divine
    • Light Grounding Your Intentions and Karmic Release Grid
  • 4
    Integration and Tools For Moving Forward
    • Simple Tools For Cosmic Evolution and Moving into New Earth
    • Special Invitation to Cellular Ascension and Accelerated Cellular Ascension

Sacred Investment Options

We have decided to create 2 options so you may be able to receive this leading edge and powerful support. This Process includes 1 (30 minute) assessment that maps out your active karmic seals, 1 (60 minute session) that will deactive the active seals, releasing all contracts associated, reclaim your potential from timelines, and doing really deep cellular work to open pathways for recieving your birthright, and it also includes a follow up session that we will make adjustments as needed but also to see how the work has supported you. The combined value of these 3 sessions is over $999.00, but with the recent shifts and the needed I have been guided to open this up for 12 people at $333.00. Select below the option that works the best for you and I look forward to supporting you.

It is time to reclaim your birthright from the shackles of a crumbling reality. Your potential is calling and you are designed to answer this call.

Liberate Your Potential